Common Species We Catch

The Area We Fish

The Boats We Use

Speckled Trout

Most popular fish we catch.  Summer is the best time for “specks” but we catch them also in the fall.  Most of the trout we catch are 3/4 to 2 lbs with the occasional 3+ lb. fish.  The limit is 25/person with a 12 in. minimun size.

Redfish or Red Drum

The second most popular fish we catch.  They can be caught year round with the fall being the most productive time.  We catch redfish that range from 16 in to 50 in.  The limit is 5/person with a 16 in. minimun and only one may be over 27in. The over 27in are called Bull Reds.  Customers have caught Bull Reds weighing over 30lbs.

Southern Flounder

Southern Flounder has a Daily Limit of 10 per person.


Sand Trout or White Trout

These look just like specks but have no spots. These fish average about 11in and are very plentiful in the summer. We catch them with the specks.  They have no limit.

Black Drum

A close cousin the the redfish.  They normally are caught with the redfish. Drum are primarily bottom feeders that can reach weights of 50+ lbs.  The limit on drum is the same as redfish.

The area we fish is quite large.  The islands, oil structures and natural reefs are summer spots and the endless marsh and bayous are fall/winter spots.  Guides may run as little as 5 minutes or as much as 50 minutes to start fishing depending on weather and time of year.


Most of the guides at Cocodrie Charters use Bluewave Bay Boats.  Each boat is powered with quiet four stroke engines.  The boats can accommodate 4 anglers plus the guide.  Each guide considers their boat the most important piece of fishing equipment they own.

We Offer Coastal, Inland &
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"The ability of your guides and staff to make this trip such a success was beyond explanation.  They all said that this was the finest trip they had ever been on.

I credit that to you, your business model, your staff and guides.  Even the ones that did not fish.  Both engaging with my customers, and took the joking and heckling all in stride.

It just feels like home when I bring guys down and there is nothing more I could ask for.

Thanks again for all you do."

Mort E. Hill


"There's fishing trips and there's FISHING TRIPS!  As you are aware, our fishing trip last week marks the fifteenth year that I have been taking a group of my accounts to Cocodrie Charters.  There's always the warm welcome from you and your staff as soon as we arrive.  It's like coming home.

Great captains, great accommodations, great (unique) food and above all; awesome fishing!  In all of these years we've never been disappointed.  My thanks once again to you and your staff. You can "bet the ranch" that we'll see you next year."

Al Lipson

Cocodrie Charters

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